2009 Participant - biraj karki
Full Name: Biraj Karki
Location: Woodland, CA
Height: 5' 8"
Education: In college
Occupation: Student employee
I like hanging out with friends, traveling, meeting new people, playing games, working out and enjoying whatever I do.
Vital Status:37-29-33- 12 biceps weight -147 lbs
About Myself:
I would describe myself as a very outgoing, ambitious, hardworking and sincere person. I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life and I always go for what I love doing. Friendly and joyful is what my friends would describe me as.
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
I always thought of applying for ANA fashion show but never had time and chance to do so, but this year since it s being held in the bay area I didn t wanted to miss the opportunity. I have seen past ANA models show cast their talent which have really inspired and motivated me to participate in the contest.
What Makes me feel like a model?
I am very self-confident in what every I do, and I do get compliments from people around me about my look and personality.