2016 Participant - Pratishna Thapa
Full Name: Pratishna Thapa
Location: Falls Church
Height: 5'8
Education: Undergraduate
Occupation: Student
Modeling, singing, dancing, traveling, social work.
About Myself:
Came to United States a year and a half ago and currently residing in Virginia. Currently a student pursuing a degree in social work and working full time. Prior to coming to the states I was doing part time modeling and working with the kids with special needs.
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
It's a great platform to represent the Nepalese- American youth community and promote my social work initiative in America and in Nepal.
What Makes me feel like a model?
I come from different walks of life that many people can relate to. Born and raised in a middle class family with a decent living in Nepal, then came to United States and have been through many ups and downs. So, I think being able to relate to people from everywhere and anywhere and being comfortable as well as making them feel comfortable would be one special quality that I possess.



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