2012 Participant - Pankaj Khadka
Full Name: Pankaj Khadka
Location: Lake Charles
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Education: Currently an undergrad at McNeese State University with dual concentration in Photography and Print
Occupation: Student; Writer/Photographer for the Contraband and the LOG (newspaper and year book at McNeese Stat
Photography, Sports, Travelling, Writing and Reading.
Vital Status:
About Myself:
My name is Pankaj Khadka and I was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been here in United States for the past 4 years and am currently a senior at McNeese State University with a double concentration in Photography and Print Journalism. I believe that you only live once, and you have to try your level best, and more, to make sure you make it count and leave a print, and that's what I live by everyday!
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
Like I've already said, I want to experience everything at least once, and having never actually waked on a stage as a model (I have anchored a few programs on campus and walked on ramps as a photographer), I would like to see what it would be like to actually be on stage and "walk the walk and talk the talk". Nothing hugely motivating except for it being a personal desire of mine to try almost everything once, almost, because there are always a few no-no's, if you know what I mean!
What Makes me feel like a model?
I am competitive, or at least I've been told so, and I don't disagree - I like being challenged. The tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory.



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