2010 Participant - Kleopatra Shrestha
Full Name: Kleopatra Shrestha
Location: Champaign
Height: 5\'5
Education: Graduated in Associates in Science
Occupation: Student
DANCING. Watching Horror Movies. Modeling. Dancing in the Rain. Cooking. Video Production. Swimming. Hanging out with friends. Being Crazy. Being there for Friends & Family =).
Vital Status:
About Myself:
An ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams and zest for life... Sunshine, Bold, Shy, Crazy, Down to Earth, Determined, Confident, Funny, Kind, Genuine, Flexible...The one who loves to spice up her lif
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
I come from a very conservative family and I have always had the image of a very good/ disciplined student, and honestly, my good grades in school and college had always been a barrier to my interests
What Makes me feel like a model?
My Confidence: I might not be the most beautiful girl or talented person on the Earth but I dare to take challenges and learn to be like Red Wine- better and better with time; better than the best.



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