2010 Participant - Bishal Suwal
Full Name: Bishal Suwal
Location: Somerville
Height: 5 feet 10 inch
Education: computer science ( undergraduate)
Occupation: student
singing, playing table tennis, cricket, lyrics writing, composing songs, story writing, photography, fashion
Vital Status:
About Myself:
I'm a Super-man, man with various talents and skill. Besides that i am tactful.
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
Fashion is the word that drove me crazy towards it. This is the opportunity for me to show up myself in a unique pattern (in a fashionable modern style). i wanted to present myself in this fashionabl
What Makes me feel like a model?
My confidence would help me to create my image in the mind of public that can give me with some rewards to win the contest.



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