2009 Participant - KHUSBU NEUPANE
Full Name: Khusbu Neupane
Location: Berkeley, California
Height: 5' 5"
Education: High School
Occupation: student
My interests includes modelling, acting, spending time with my family and friends, music, shopping, studying and extra curricular activities.
Vital Status:36-25-32
About Myself:
My name is Khusbu Neupane. I moved in to the US in 2005. I am a criminal justice major. Also, I am a very ambitious girl and I ve never given up on what I belived in.
What motivated me to participate in the contest?
I am very passionate about modelling and this might be a stepping stone for my career. Hopefully this contest will also allow me to express my modelling capabilities.
What Makes me feel like a model?
I feel like a model not only because of my confidence or beauty but also because I am able to be a positive role model to other women.



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